As incorrigible collectors we are all too aware of the gap between the desirability and availability of Dieter Rams' work. das programm was conceived to correct this. We only sell Dieter Rams designs for Braun and Vitsœ, and Braun products issued between 1955 and 1995, the period of Rams’ office at Braun, for the greater part as Director of the Design Department. Our website is a unique online resource offering some of the most desirable and important examples of Twentieth Century industrial design, until now largely unobtainable without travel or e-auction frustration. 

das programm has two departments – Braun electrical and Vitsœ furniture.

The first covers the range of Braun products with which Dieter Rams was directly associated. We focus on Rams’ audio designs of the mid-1950’s and 1960’s that established his reputation. However, during his 40 year tenure at Braun the company was fortunate to have engaged the services of many fine industrial designers – Otl Aicher, Hans Gugleot, Wilhelm Wagenfeld, Gerd Alfred Müller, Reinhold Weiss,  Dietrich Lubs, Jurgen Greubel, Richard Fischer, Robert Oberheim, to name but a few. One of Rams’ great achievements as Director of the Design Department is to have acted as the programm’s principle of unity, guiding the work of these talents into a cohesive whole. To reflect this, our collection includes the best of all Braun designs from the Rams period.

Our furniture collection consists in Dieter Rams’ work for Vitsœ, the company established to produce and sell his furniture designs. Outside of his work for Braun, Rams is probably best known for his modular 606 Universal Shelving System, a design that has remained in continuous production for 50 years. das programm specialises in early, now withdrawn versions of the 606 design. On the whole, these tend to express the modularity and systematicity of Rams’ intent to a greater extent than current productions. In addition to the 606 System, we have Rams designed armchairs, sofas, side tables, desks and lighting. Short of going to Germany to hunt them down, which is precisely what we do, it is next to impossible to find any of these marvelous items outside of reference books.

The das programm website has been developed on the model of an archive. As far as possible we try to give relevant historical details on particular designs, and their relation both to each other and the development of the Braun/ Vitsœ programms as a whole. With visitors in mind that may have more than a passing interest, we have also included a section, Further reading, that aims to provide additional historical context and overview. To invert a well-known phrase, our principle here is ‘more but better’.

We hope you enjoy your visit.