Gerate fur unsere Zeit brochure

Wolfgang Schmittel


Gerate fur unsere Zeit catalogue

A product catalogue from the first year of Braun design. At this early stage the programm had not gained a fully consistent form, still containing remnants of the pre-Ulm phase, particularly in the areas of food processing and photography. Also notable, various unresolved  radio-gram and television units offered alongside Gugelot's stringently modern G 11, G12 and PK-G designs. This aesthetic unevenness of content is amplified by the rigour of  Schmittel's graphic form. An important document of the first emergence of Braun design.

contents: TS-G, G 11, G 12, PK-G-1, PK-G-2, RC 68, TS 1, PK 1, MS 1, MS 2, MM 1, MM 2, FS 1, FS 2, FS 3, SK 1, SK 2, combi, 300 de Luxe, special, smoothy, Multimix, Multipress, Hobby Standard, Hobby Automatic

specifics: paper covers, 22 pages, four colour, glue bound. 21cm x 29.5cm

condition: fair. 2 pages with small tear and sellotape repair. some foxing. small tear in binding.

price: £70