audio 1 M / system stand

Dieter Rams

1962 / 1967

Braun audio 1 M / system stand

Rams designed the 'kangaroo stand' in 1960 but it entered production some years later in '67. The flexible system consists of a number of elements - shelves in various dimmensions and a record compartment. The leg profile of the system is very close to that of the 601 seating system - easy chair (low and high back), foot stool and table, all of these also designed in 1960. It is likely that Rams conceived of the 601 seating and audio stand systems as belonging to a unified programme of audio and furniture designs. The same ideal of a total system was also pursued at the time through the integration of Braun audio into the Vitsoe 606 system, specifically the hanging of the audio 1 and L 46. 


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