CSV 250 + CE 250

Dieter Rams

1966 / 1967

Braun CSV 250 + CE 250

Amplifier and receiver units designed as stackable separates. The casings are finished in a structured anthracite paint; aluminium faceplates have concealed fixings and widely radiused edges. The paint finish, height and depth match that of the PS 500 record player to which the CSV 250 and CE 250 are systematically related.

The uninviting structured paint finish serves a negative haptic purpose. The user is drawn to the relatively soft comfort of control panels, whilst the technological aspect of object recedes. The point was to dramatise, arguably to mystify, clarity of operation in relation to the incomprehsible complexity and sophistication of the underlying technology. 

In contrast to this approach, see these examples of the 1959 - 1965 more strictly functionalist type : PC 5 / CSV 60 / CE 16CET 15 in which the user is drawn into a more direct relation to the device as a comlete object.

price for set: £800