PC 4

Dieter Rams


Braun PC 4

Rams' PC 4 module was a redesign of the 1955 PC 3 - SV, reflecting changes to the PC 3 phono module. The platter was changed, but the most significant alteration was to the tonearm. The vegetative form of Wagenfeld's design was abandoned, replaced with something altogether more rectilinear. The move reflects the termination of a minor organicist strand within early Braun Design exemplified by Wagenfeld's Combi. However the flowing lines of his plant-like tone arm appeared in numerous other devices that made use of the PC 3 phono module: SK 4, SK 5, studio 1, atelier 1, G 11, PK - Gs, amongst many others. Between '60-'62, as the program became unified around a more affirmatively industrial and geometrically rational aesthetic, and the services of freelance designers were dispensed with, the PC 4 came to replace the PC 3 in all audio designs with phono function.

price: £300