SK 4 phonosuper

Hans Gugelot + Dieter Rams


Braun SK 4 phonosuper

The first SK phonosuper design. There are numerous slight differences from later members of the series - square lid cut-out, early PC 3 three nub turntable platter, simpler non-retractable lid stay and paper printed tuning scale.  However, arguably the most dramatic difference lies in the reduced control panel. Two turning nobs on the vertical axis, as opposed to the later three, leave a void beneath the logotype and a higher degree of abstraction more generally.

Later arrangements appear classical as compared to this unexpected irregularity. Formally, the move corresponds to Otl Aicher's mode of relating to the grid organising his graphic design - general order remains despite its 'irrational' local suspension. It is this as much as Gugelot's housing that draws the SK 4 closely within the sphere of influence of the HfG Ulm. 

See here for more on the SK 4 phono super and it's relation to the Ulm school.

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