SK 6

Dieter Rams + Hans Gugelot


Braun SK 6

Compared to functionally similar devises available at the time, the rationalisation and upper mounting of operational elements of the SK phonosuper series alone amounted to a startling deviation from the norm. What truly set it apart, however, was not so much the self-evidence of its operation as that of its materiality and production.

In Rams' and Gugelot's SK design form is determined entirely by reflection upon its constituent factors. Long radiused edges of bent steel and plexi-glass refer unambiguously to an industrial process of bending sheet materials, themselves industrially produced. This is underscored by restriction of these bends to a horizontal axis (the fold is taken to dissimulate the planar nature of the sheet), and again by the enclosure of the sheet metal corpus and plexi-glass cover within wooden elements on the opposing axis. Evidence of flatness is corroborated by the mounting of control knobs directly upon the surface and elsewhere by its slotted piercing of the surface of grills, thereby also revealing the thickness of the sheet. We have become accustomed to design that makes a fetish of its technical aspect. What makes the SK series as startling to us now as it might have been to those used to finding audio equipment embedded in heavy pieces of wooden furniture is the simple clarity of this industrial self-presentation.

dimensions: 58 x 29 x 24 cm

functionality: Fully functional

condition: Museum quality piece. Veneers in excellent order. Paint finish perfect with consistent colour. All graphics complete. Acrylic lid unscratched. With complete set of instructions, guarantees, platter card, double-sided Braun programm poster and Braun test single.

this design price range:  £1,000