studio 2: CE 11 / CV 11 / CS 11

Dieter Rams


Braun studio 2

Rams' studio 2 established the formal principle of Braun audio's heroic '60s phase. The design mediates between the early radio-gram music systems of the '50s and the expansive modular systems of the following decade. For, whilst the system is formally divided into functionally discrete elements, these can either be arranged in a unified orthogonal whole or arrayed in series.  As the program developed the former was set aside in favour of flexibility of use - a greater degree of functional systematicity arguably gained at the loss of aesthetic unity at the level of the device. For this reason, although an early design, the studio 2 may be read as a first break with the formative concept of system design transmitted to Braun from the HfG Ulm.

see: Rams' PC 5 / CSV 60 / CE 16 of '62 and '64

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