PC 3 - SV

Dieter Rams + G. A. Muller + Wilhelm Wagenfeld


Braun PC 3 - SV

Wagenfeld's PC 3 body, plinth mounted by Rams and Müller.

Wagenfeld's key turntable design had been employed in numerous early Braun devices - Gugelot and Lindinger's Studio 1, Gugelot and Rams' SK phonosuper series, as well as many of Gugelot's own PKG series designs. The PC 3 - SV broke with its integration within audio systems to produce one of Braun's earliest modular system elements. The stand alone turntable was designed to be compatible both with the Rams' RT 20 and Braun and Eichler's  SK 2 radio sets. Compact dimensions render perfect for display.

dimensions: 21 x 10 x 30 cm

functionality: Fully functional on all speeds. Both needles present in rotating cartridge.

condition: Museum quality piece, unused new old stock. In mint condition, in original box with internal packing and literature.  No chips, scratches, cracks, scuffs or other marks. Felt pads on feet. Base board flat and unmarked. 

price: £450