AB 2 table / alarm clock

Dieter Rams + Jurgen Greubel


Braun AB 2 table / alarm clock

The AB 2 is one of only five clocks  designed by Dieter Rams in the very extensive Braun range. It is the only clock design in which Dietrich Lubs had  no hand. As such, it is perhaps not surprising that the AB 2 is formally so distinct. Colour and high gloss finish are only the most obvious factors in this (the design was also issued in powder blue / yellow as well as the more standard  white / black colourways). Where Lubs used circular forms in his clock designs they tended always to be conjoined with cuboids.

Distinct from this, Rams' form here is comprehensively curvilinear. And unlike Lubs' work, it is not entirely abstract but moves, albeit slightly, towards figuration. The elongated side panels of the AB 2 begin to resemble 'legs', whilst the form overall recalls that of the grandfather clock. The AB 2  suggests an altogether new idiom of clock design, an alternative universe of vaguely 'post-modern' Braun clocks. Yet this was Rams and Greubel's only clock collaboration; after it the range reverted to variation of the established template.

see also: this black example

condition: Perfect. Some difference in the shade of green between battery compartment panel and body, but this may be as a result of materials used rather than age. Unboxed.

price: £130