AB 20 tb

Dieter Rams + Dietrich Lubs


Braun AB 20 tb

Braun has issued 54 battery operated alarm clock designs. Arguably the most significant of these is the AB 20 tb, designed by Rams and Lubs in 1975. Produced in relatively small numbers as a corporate gift rather than as a product for sale, in design terms this clock proved foundational for the massive range that followed.

Working with Lubs, Rams' other contributions to Braun bedside alarm design are the AB 20 exact (the tb without the protective timezone front guard), the AB 21/s, and the AB 22. In collaboration with Jurgen Greubel, Rams also designed the AB 2, the only Braun clock in the design of which Lubs had no hand. 

condition: fully functional in excellent order

price: £160