AB 21 domoset

Dietrich Lubs


Braun AB 21 domoset

At first glance an unambiguously future oriented rendering of a 'traditional' clock and barometer combination (no reason to suppose that the future should not contain inconstant atmospheric conditions). Yet figures set in Akzidenz provide a connection to the earliest phase of the Braun programm, when it was first adopted as the corporate typeface. Beautifully sealed up within these perspex vitrines, a fascinating combination of futurism and historicism.  Domoset is wall-mountable. Clock and barometer swivel in their cases to permit a vertical or horizontal arrangement; they can be removed altogether and hung independently. A detachable stand allows use as a desk set. The domoset forms part of the first analogue wall clock series, formed of domodisk, domo fix, domo flex and domo desk.

condition: Both barometer and clock are fully functional in unused condition, in box with packaging (but without instructions for use)

this design price range: £250 - £400 depending upon condition, completeness, etc.