ABK 30

Dietrich Lubs


Braun ABK 30

Elegant formal expression of operation: the clock's face has a terraced concavity, corresponding to planes of movement of the stacked hour and minute hands. On the obverse, a ziggurat-like stepping of the body serves as a spacer between the bezel and wall - a shadow gap, in other words - giving a subtle hover.

 Almost everything 'clock' in the traditional sense having been abstracted, what remains is pure chronograph. Markings are graphic perfection. Numerals in Akzidenz Grotesk (as opposed to Univers in use for much of the 1980's). The relative virtues of Akzidenz and Univers figures are debatable from the standpoint of clarity. No competition when it comes to character, it seems to us - the wind-sock 1, swan-neck 2, the 7! A joy. Sleek, rigorous and minimal overall, in popping orange colourway.

face diameter:  200 mm

materials / condition: Quartz movement. Accepts 1 AA battery. Body plastic, face painted aluminium. Offered in full working order and in excellent condition. A couple of very light scratches around the fixing point at the back.

price: £180