AW 10 (black face)

Dietrich Lubs


Braun AW 10 (black face/ grey bezel)

Lubs' first analogue wrist watch design. The face of the AW 10, particularly in this white on black version, closely resembles that of the ABW 41 domodisque wall clock, an earlier Lubs design of 1981. In both, elongated dash markings draw numerals into a clustered grouping (Akzidenz fiends will note with disappointment the Helvetica substitution). Although we don't keep an example of Peter Hartwein's AW 12, since its 1996 issue places the design just outside the Rams period, the model does present an intriguingly relaxed version of the supremely rigorous AW 10.

All incremental markings have been eliminated to leave a dial consisting only in untethered Helvetica numerals, their position appears fixed only by their slightly heavier weight. Perhaps the idea was to communicate an easier, more laid back attitude to time keeping. However, the virtue of Lubs' original design lies precisely in the fact that it does not seek to communicate anything at all beyond the device's function as a chronometer.

For much the same reason, the AW 10 serves as a useful corrective to the recent wave of so-called 're-issued' Braun wristwatches. Of these entirely new designs, the ladies' watches (Braun never produced watch designs according to sex but only according to the need to know the time) are greater in thickness and diameter than the AW 10. The mens' watches are considerably larger. The idea that a watch, indeed any object, should symbolise the wearer's status is, of course, absolutely anathema to the Braun project as it used to be.

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body / bezel: grey thermo plastic

approx diameter: 33 mm

approx thickness: 6 mm

price: £150