Dieter Rams


Braun HLD 4

An interesting example of Rams' severe-pop style. The vertically bisected slotted grill recalls that of his earlier RT 20 Tischsuper radio and SK 55 Phonosuper designs, as does the heightened formalism by which grill, toggle switch and logo type are related. However, the simple form, strong colour, gloss finish and the devise's apparent satisfaction with the inexpensively democratic means of its own production seems to have been lent it from the Pop idiom. Interesting therefore to compare with Weiss' somewhat more serious HLD 231 hairdryer of six years earlier, an unequivocally functionalist design. As the main weight of Rams' practice shifted from product design to studio management through the '70s and '80s, he executed a number of designs in this playfully restrained vein. The AB 2 clock and domino set table lighters being notable examples. 

condition: Unused new old stock. With full set of literature and card cable guard. Box in mint condition.

price: £200