KM 22

Dieter Rams


Braun KM 22

A flaring column, the Braun KMM 2 expresses the volumetric reduction of beans to grounds. Despite its formal simplicity, the grinder combines a number of functional innovations.The bean jar is internally divided into three rotatable segments, allowing different blends to be simultaneously stored within the device.

The grinding mechanism is a stone-mill, as opposed to hammer, giving both fine control over grade and a highly consistent ground. Grounds are collected in a detachable caddy, removing the need to fish about between blades. An aluminium wall-mounting bracket is engaged on parallel tracks to the rear of the device, and may be removed entirely if desired. The same grinding system was also employed in Weiss' KMM 1 design of 1965. Braun abandoned it in the mid-'70s in favour of the hammer mechanism, with its more restricted range of use but considerably lower production costs.

price:  £150