KMM 20

Reinhold Weiss + Hartwig Kahlcke


Braun KMM 20

Update of Weiss' KMM 1 of 1965. Some subtle but telling alterations to the initial design parallel those introduced between the HL 1 and HL 70 desk fan designs. Technical improvements: increased bean jar capacity, timer switch, cord winding within the base. Material substitutions: plastic for cast aluminium in the threaded cuff mediating jar and motor block. Aesthetic shift: from the light grey typical of Braun's objective functionalist phase to synthetic high-tech/ Pop orange. Perhaps more subtly, in the earlier design plastic appeared as one material element balanced against others. The unity of the design derives from the integration of parts within a whole. In the revised design plastic itself, as opposed to the relation of parts, serves as the principle factor of aesthetic unity. 

see also KM 10 aromatic

price: £200