MX 32

Gerd Alfred Muller


Braun MX 32

Müller worked at Braun for a short period between 1955 and 1960. These early years, before the institution of Braun's design department, were enormously productive. Freelancers, many from Ulm, collaborated with permanent employees in what amounted to a research project. A house style had not yet been established; diverse currents emerged and crossed. Müller, along with Wagenfeld and to a lesser extent Gugelot, was a proponent of the Scandinavian influenced organic approach. Although his tenure was brief, almost all of his designs have entered the canon of Braun design, his KM 3, MX 3 and SM 31 sextant being of particular note. 

condition: fully functional and in excellent order. With original box.

price: £120