Phase 1

Dieter Rams + Dietrich Lubs


Braun Phase 1

A lovely example of stylistic over-reaching: the space age form of the body contradicts the archaic turning mechanism of the faceted drum display. Of course, at Braun this technology was soon to be displaced by LED display, and gloss pearl-white organic forms set aside for a rather more sober regime of matt black. The latter would gradually spread to cover all the product groups outside of oral hygiene and kitchen wares. In retrospect the programm's  late tendency towards the funereal appears anticipatory... The Phase 1, however, clearly belongs to an earlier period of optimism, albeit misplaced, a period when space travel was still nervously calculated by slide-rule. 

approx. dimensions: 18 cm x 10 cm x 8 cm

supply: 220 V ~ /50 Hz 

price: £180