stab B 11

Richard Fischer


Braun stab B11

Having established the fundamental standards of Braun design, the services of Ulm HfG freelancers were dispensed with following the 1961 institution of Braun's internal design department. Ulm alumuni Fischer and Weiss alone maintained a living connection to the school. 

In high Ulm tradition, Fischer's work for Braun tended towards complex, multi-functional systems. Yet his Stab shaver series designs are just as much products of Ulm, objects whose formal simplicity is the result of an analytic method, as opposed to a merely  stylistic asceticism. The sliding switch and finely ridged anti-slip body are elements of a design entirely organised around haptic operational factors. See also Fischer's Parat BT collaboration with Rams, and, also with Rams, his KM 2 multiwerk

Screen print logotype on striated anodised aluminium.

price: £75