HL 1 Multiwind

Reinhold Weiss


Braun HL 1 Multiwind

Were it not for the various working groups of Ulm freelancers visiting Braun throughout the mid to late '50s, the firm's modernist turn simply would never have occurred. The Ulm influence continued to pervade Braun design throughout the '60s. However, once Braun's internal design department was established in 1960, professional ties to Ulm were cut. An important connection remained in the person of Reinhold Weiss. The young Ulm graduate and former pupil of Gugelot joined the Braun staff as a full time designer in 1960; his designs for the company are amongst the most important of its early functionalist period.

Weiss brought an Ulmer’s analytic sensibility to product design, first breaking devises down to their constituent operational units, then articulating these parts in functionally self-evident assemblages. The high degree of abstraction to which Weiss' work attained followed from the unusually stringent application of this procedure. In the literal sense, he thought the device through from point zero, as if no other fan, coffee grinder or hairdryer had yet been produced. This refusal to fall back on received notions of generic form, the figurative sense in which a fan may 'resemble' a fan, led instead to works marked by a pronounced singularity. In this connection, and given more space, one might develop the utopian implications of Weiss' method... 

Arguably, one of the finest of Weiss' works for Braun is the HL 1, opposite, an extraordinary conglomeration of cylindrical blade head, plexiglass cowl and motorblock - texture, form, and mass. Also noteworthy is Weiss' KMM 1 of two years later and 1968  TFG 1 permanent table lighter.

Example held in MoMA permanent collection.

See also this HL 1 - unused with original box and full set of paperwork.

price range (this design): £150 - £250 depending upon condition, completeness, etc.