TFG 1 Permanent (gold plate)

Reinhold Weiss


Braun TFG 1 Permanent (gold plate)

This must be the unlikeliest of Braun objects. The use of prestigious materials to enhance design runs contrary to the project. So, the gold-plated permanent is, indeed, a curious thing. At first glance it looks a little like the model of a modernist slab block, perhaps commissioned by an aesthetically challenged property developer. But it is not such a lapse in taste. For within the general context of the Braun programm's rejection of 'inherent' material value,  gold momentarily sheds its association with status, revealing itself instead to be an attractive yellow, corrosion resistant metal. This perverse anti-alchemy of returning precious metal to base material chimes with the spiritual undertones of the acrylic Permanent. Material value is transcended by rejection of its normative significance.  Well, almost...

price: £200