Lectron Minisystem

Dieter Rams + Jurgen Greubel


Braun Lectron Minisystem

Dieter Rams and Jurgen Greubel designed the BRAUN Lectron System (1967- 69) as a pedagogic instrument for use in schools and universities. It consists in an extensive range of magnetic modules that can be freely organised on a conductive plate to form a variety of functional circuits.

According to Rams, the purpose was to dispel the mystery of electronics by encouraging children to engage in the construction of their own operational systems - radios, Morse transmitters, etc. Most modules have transparent perspex walls through which the electronic component housed can be directly observed, whilst the module's opaque upper surface is printed with the diagrammatic icon corresponding to its contents. A classic piece of Rams 'New Functionalism' - function, here, is precisely the communication of function. Rams' Lectron System design is held in MoMA’s permanent collection ( and see here for a description and images that I appear to to have involuntarily - insofar as my permission was not sought - donated to the museum).

price (this piece): £150

price range (this design): £100 - £200 depending upon condition, completeness, etc.