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  • London Braun/Vitsoe exhibition

    Posted by das programm August 29 2011 1553hrs

    In spring 2012 das programm will present a London exhibition of Braun and Vitsoe. The emphasis will be on systems design during the period 1955 - 1968. Please leave contact details if you would like to receive an invitation and further information. Reply to this post

    • Posted by chris weightman September 19 2011 1655hrs


      I would like to be notified about when your exhibition will take place next year.


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    • Posted by glenn October 4 2011 1013hrs

      Please let me know when / where the exhibition will be.
      Many Thanks Reply to this post

    • Posted by giovanni October 21 2011 1040hrs

      i'd like to receive the invitation.
      thanks a lot Reply to this post

    • Posted by Peter Stanton-Ife October 23 2011 1433hrs

      May I have an invitation to your exhibition, too, please? Reply to this post

    • Posted by Will Burges October 27 2011 2158hrs

      Please let me know about the exhibition!
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    • Posted by frederic October 29 2011 1316hrs

      hi, I would like to recept an invitation

      thank you frederic Reply to this post

    • Posted by Bharani Padmanabhan MD PhD November 13 2011 258hrs

      count me in for info :-)
      bharani Reply to this post

    • Posted by Owain November 25 2011 908hrs

      I would love to recieve an invitation to the exhibition! Reply to this post

    • Posted by Shaun Seymour November 26 2011 1851hrs

      I would also like to be informed Reply to this post

    • Posted by Spencer Gorman November 28 2011 229hrs

      always interested on Rams design and would want a heads up on any exhibitions...I am in the USA but tar el so as advance notice as possible will be helpful...thanks Reply to this post

    • Posted by Rupert Goodwins November 28 2011 650hrs

      Yes please. Reply to this post

    • Posted by Ben Harris November 30 2011 2132hrs

      I am absolutely in love with the work you do and would be extremely honored if I could come and see this very exciting exhibition you are intending to take place.


      Ben Harris. Reply to this post

    • Posted by Alice Renshaw December 1 2011 948hrs

      Please send further details. Thank you! Reply to this post

    • Posted by marco veneziano December 16 2011 108hrs

      worth the travel from sf, ca. best. m Reply to this post

    • Posted by Richard Chandler January 2 2012 2245hrs

      I came across the work of Dieter Rams, by accident, I liked the old style braun alarm clocks.

      I have always liked the look of lectron system, looks so professional, and then when you here it is the work of Dieter Rams, it all becomes obvious.

      I would like to see more of his work, if there are any exhibitions in UK

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    • Posted by Nicholas January 3 2012 1755hrs

      London exhibition: info pls... Reply to this post

    • Posted by Max Broadbent January 9 2012 2343hrs

      I would like to receive an invitation and further information regarding the Vitsoe/Braun show in London in the spring when it comes available please!


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    • Posted by Andrew Cherry January 25 2012 057hrs

      I would also very much like to hear more about (and attend) any exhibition in London - please do let me know! Many thanks. Reply to this post

    • Posted by Norbert January 29 2012 1821hrs

      Yes, please keep me updated about the upcoming expo on Dieter Rams. Reply to this post

    • Posted by AlexTonda February 22 2012 1730hrs

      keep me informed. Reply to this post

    • Posted by Steve Collins February 27 2012 1458hrs

      would love to come. pls let me know. Reply to this post

    • Posted by mark robinson March 23 2012 936hrs

      Please invite me? Reply to this post

    • Posted by Helen Powell May 9 2012 1900hrs

      Yes please, would love to hear more about a London exhibition. Reply to this post

    • Posted by André Oliveira December 6 2012 226hrs

      I would love to come. Please let me know. Thank you Reply to this post

  • Invite request

    Posted by Chris May 1 2012 1310hrs


    Please add me to the invite list, plus one guest if possible.

    Thank you! Reply to this post

  • Braun design manual?

    Posted by Manfred November 18 2012 624hrs

    Does anyone know where I could get this Braun manual:

    I believe it was meant to show employees the difference between good and bad advertising/design techniques.

    Also, I've been trying to understand why, or how, Braun's functionalist aesthetic withered. Did it become unpopular? If so, was it because people got bored of the minimalist style? It seems strange that so many enjoy their older products even if they've been discontinued for years; and yet today they seem no different than any other large electronics company. They seem to have lost what made them special; did it leave along with Dieter in 95'? What happened? Reply to this post

    • Posted by Alex Maclean August 22 2013 2112hrs

      Sorry for the late reply - not sure if you'll get this.
      I asked Dieter Rams this very question when I had the chance for a private chat - It seems that the sale to Gillette was the problem - the American approach to product design is marketing led. The marketeers defined the brief for new products by emphasising consumer research, trend research and style forecasts. Then the designers and engineers would be asked to create products in response - therefore the emphasis became stylistic and short term.

      Contrastingly he said the approach at Braun had been very collaborative, bringing marketeers, finance, design and engineers all round one table. This has been likened to the Apple design process, and he remarked that it should be no surprise that you would therefore find such similarities in appearance between Rams' Braun products and those from Apple. He said that there was no plagiarism involved and he felt complimented by it. Reply to this post

      • Posted by Robert Audroué October 7 2013 451hrs

        Thank you so much for the informative reply Alex. I thought I'd never get an answer! What you said makes perfect sense, and I can only wish that in the future we'll see a renewed interest in rational design. Reply to this post

  • Ignoramus has Braun Atelier 3 stereo audio to dispose of.

    Posted by Sue Xman June 15 2013 1333hrs

    Hi there,
    I am clearing my father's house, and am wondering what to do with his much loved Braun. It has been regularly used, and is not therefore in mint condition, but is fully functional with the 2 original speakers.
    The item is in south west London.
    Ebay beckons, but are there any alternatives?
    Many thanks for any suggestions,
    Sue Reply to this post

    • Posted by Geraint Edwards June 18 2013 009hrs


      I'm a big Braun fan and would happily buy this Iran off you and take it to a new home where it will be used regularly!

      I live in Islington.

      Let me know.

      Geraint Reply to this post

  • London Braun Design exhibition August 30 - September 7

    Posted by das programm August 27 2013 936hrs

    das programm are excited to announce an exhibition of Braun Design at Paul Smith.

    We're showing 45 pieces, mostly of '60s audio at Paul Smith's newly enlarged Albemarle St shop.

    Paul Smith
    9 Albemarle St
    London W1S 4BL

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    • Posted by Peter September 1 2013 953hrs

      tour of the exhibition

      Dr Peter Kapos, Director of das programm, will give a guided tour of the exhibition in the first week of October. The tour is free but places will be limited. Please register your interest below. Reply to this post

      • Posted by Tom September 4 2013 1115hrs

        Put me down for two. Thank you! Reply to this post

      • Posted by Liz September 10 2013 2317hrs

        Please add my name, thanks. Reply to this post

      • Posted by Miles September 25 2013 1518hrs

        Put me down, please, if there's still room. t y Reply to this post

      • Posted by Jeremy Nathan Schulman September 28 2013 2255hrs

        I would enjoy going on a tour with the curator. Please sign me up. Reply to this post

    • Posted by Jens Bendfeldt December 19 2015 2145hrs

      Good evening, I am collecting Braun audio and Nizo cameras and I am a big fan of your wonderful website.
      If you organize an Braun Design exhibition in London, I would be very happy to get an information. Thank you.
      I wish you and your team a wonderful christmas and a happy new year.
      Kindest regards from Kiel/ Germany,
      Jens Reply to this post

  • systems

    Posted by das programm November 3 2013 124hrs

    Nov 25 - Dec 31 2013

    An international group of 34 graphic designers respond to the systematicity of Braun Design. Hosted by Walter Knoll, this extraordinary exhibition of commissioned designs is curated by das programm and produced in association with Braun.

    Private view from 6.30 pm, 21 November

    Walter Knoll London showroom
    42 Charterhouse Square EC1M 6EA
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    • Posted by James horwitz November 12 2013 1019hrs

      Hi there

      Is there any room left to contribute last minute?


      Two Times Elliott Reply to this post

  • Vitsoe 571/72 Montage System

    Posted by Rocco November 18 2013 2256hrs


    Can anyone sell or lead me to 2 replacement hinges for the Vitsoe 571 wardrobe? Or, does anyone know the name of the company that produced the hinges for this system (I have been told that it went out of business decades ago after the owner passed away without any family to take over). Any leads would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks. Reply to this post

  • Designer

    Posted by Scott November 29 2013 1437hrs

    Hi I have an SK55 Phonosuper, however the turntable is not working and I was wondering if anyone knows a good and reasonably priced workshop in or around London that could get it working ? Cheers Reply to this post

  • For Sale: Receiver: CEV 520, Turntable: PS 450, Speakers: L410 4Ohm/25Wn.DIN

    Posted by Dominique Singer October 14 2014 2248hrs

    I have owned the receiver, turntable and speakers since 1975.

    Their condition is very good though it has been about 5 years since I have set up the system. I have had to replace a rubber "mini fan belt" in the turntable several times over the years. These units were originally for the European market but they were adapted for U.S. voltage.

    Location: New York City
    Receiver and turnable in original packaging Reply to this post

  • User manual for BRAUN DN54 (4807) clock

    Posted by Jean Pierre TAILLARD November 3 2014 1113hrs

    I recently bought one of these clocks but I cannot find the manual, either in French or english...
    Can somebody help ?
    Thanks to you all.

    France Reply to this post

  • shipping a Braun SK6

    Posted by Martha January 11 2015 1430hrs

    I'm hoping that someone can help me to properly secure one of these models for shipping. I found the clip to secure the tonearm, and I removed the platter and packed it separately. I think I need to secure the "tray" part that holds the platter to keep it from bouncing around in transit, but I'm not sure how to do it. Can anyone help me to do this correctly so that the piece is not damaged during shipping?
    Thanks in advance for any advise,
    Martha Reply to this post

    • Posted by huat lim August 11 2015 1648hrs

      dear martha look for the screws on the face plate. relocate and screw this into the blanks you see on the faceplate. also for the arms they are ok to lock using wires. also re,ove any haube or abdeckhaube as these break easily and should be packed away from the unit. Reply to this post

  • Full wall system Braun for sale

    Posted by sune ladsten March 6 2015 1850hrs

    Hi Programm readers,

    I have just recieved my dads full Braun wall system as well as a SK61:
    •Braun L 45, Dieter Rams, 1963
    •Braun TG 60, Dieter Rams
    •Braun SK61 phonosuper
    •HiFi Stereo Plattenspieler - PS 420
    •Braun TS 45 / L 450, Dieter Rams, 1962

    I am putting all items for sales - either sold by piece or the full system as such. all items are in good condition. all dust cabins are in perfect condition.
    Please reach out by mail if interested. Then i can share photos and details of the items.
    I am based in Copenhagen Denmark.
    Looking forward to hear from you
    Sune Reply to this post

    • Posted by Annelis Salzmann April 6 2015 554hrs

      Hi Sune,

      I'm very interesting in your Braun wall system you're selling. Would you please so kind to share pictures of the system?

      Thank you very much in advance.

      Best greetings,

      Annelis Salzmann / Zurich Reply to this post

    • Posted by Annelis Salzmann April 6 2015 635hrs

      Hello again Sune,

      Would you please so kind to share the pictures of the wall system at:

      Thanx in advance.

      Annelis Reply to this post

    • Posted by Matt June 6 2015 1511hrs

      Hi, is your wall system still for sale?

      Matt Reply to this post

    • Posted by Mathias July 14 2015 1952hrs

      Hello ,
      I have read your offer and be very interested in the real to real tapemachine TG60.If this item is available, i would be happy for reply and some pics.

      Thank s in advance.

      Beste regards,

      Mathias Reply to this post

    • Posted by joa July 19 2015 1922hrs

      Hello, please can you email me photos
      Cordially. Joa Reply to this post

    • Posted by max zeitler November 7 2015 1642hrs

      hi sune -

      question to you. have you sold your tg 60 by now? i got one as well in very good condition and will probably sell it and am wondering how much people pay for it right now? any experience?

      thanks - max zeitler (from berlin) Reply to this post

      • Posted by Nick Hough March 27 2016 806hrs

        Dear Max

        Just wondering if you've sold your T60? If not could you kindly send me some pictures and confirm if it is in working order?
        Many thanks
        Nick Reply to this post

      • Posted by Nick Hough March 27 2016 2242hrs

        Dear Max

        Just wondering if you've sold your T60? If not could you kindly send me some pictures and confirm if it is in working order?
        Many thanks
        Nick Reply to this post

    • Posted by Nick Hough March 27 2016 804hrs

      I am interested in what you have for sale, in particular the Braun T60. Could you kindly send me the price list?
      Many thanks
      Nick Reply to this post

  • looking for a PS 1000 turntable

    Posted by paul May 2 2015 1723hrs

    Hello - does anyone have a near mint-mint PS 1000 to sell? Reply to this post

    • Posted by Adimir Muhic May 15 2015 733hrs


      I do have one Braun PS 1000 in very good condition. Pictures of my turntable can you see here:

      Kind regards


      Stockholm, Sweden Reply to this post

      • Posted by Paul May 16 2015 1943hrs

        Hi, just logged in to Facebook and asked to join the group "Jimmy Peach" is my FB moniker. Reply to this post

      • Posted by Paul May 18 2015 1612hrs

        trying to contact you via Facebook Adimir - as we're not friends on there, my messages will be in your "other" folder. Reply to this post

      • Posted by huat lim August 6 2015 555hrs

        i own one ps430 one ps500 and now looking for headshells, haube and also one unit ps100 as or psq 500 anthracite. please let me know your asking price. thank you. Reply to this post

      • Posted by huat lim August 11 2015 1644hrs

        how much you wish to sell ps 1000 mint or near mint condition. i can pick up or pay for shipping, thank you. Reply to this post

      • Posted by September 30 2015 1756hrs

        adimir have you sold your ps 1000 do you have a price in mind. thank you. i am looking for ps500 or ps600 in mint or near mint condition. Reply to this post

  • cleaning a braun ventilator hl 70

    Posted by Benny Sølz June 13 2015 2137hrs

    How do I clean my braun ventilator hl 70. I bought it 4 months ago but it SMELLS of cigarettes (bvadr)

    I would like to tear it a part as much as possible in order to clean as much as possible. I don´t know how to do it and I am scared to spoil something.


    Benny Sølz
    Denmark Reply to this post

  • Turntable Braun PS 1000 AS

    Posted by Christian Fruehauf July 21 2015 1123hrs

    I am looking for a near mint turntable Braun PS 1000 AS (mit anti-skating)

    Price should be correct!



    PS: join me here : Reply to this post

    • Posted by huat September 30 2015 1801hrs

      ebay just sold one ps1000 at euro 500 which is about what we would pay. is there anyone with a unit for sale. apparently they go very fast esp the psq 1000. Reply to this post

  • braun ps430 motor

    Posted by huat lim August 29 2015 2258hrs

    does anyone have any stock or replacement motor for the ps 430. thank you. please advise as i was informed it is possible to open and grease or add a new washer. however it is rarely that the motor fails it is likely due to lack of lubircant. Reply to this post

  • Looking for Coffee Maker Information

    Posted by David November 29 2015 519hrs

    I am in USA (Pennsylvania) and am interested in getting a KF 20 or KF 21 coffee maker. Can anyone advise whether these are available with US-specification plugs and set up to run on 110v power? Are there any units in the USA that might be for sale?
    Please reply to my email .
    Best regards -
    David Reply to this post

  • mach2 lighter

    Posted by brendan February 26 2016 1456hrs

    looking to replace one of these if anyone has one Reply to this post

  • Lighter repair

    Posted by Thonon November 13 2016 1535hrs

    Does anyone know where or how to repair a cylindrical Braun lighter that leaks?
    Thanks in advance
    Gilles Thonon Reply to this post

  • BRAUN Exporter 2 - covering / cap for battery compartment

    Posted by Jürgen December 12 2016 1041hrs


    I'm looking for a covering / cap for battery compartment of the BRAUN Exporter 2 (light blue / white). The covering is missing in my device.

    Does anyone have such a covering? Or a broken device for salvage?

    Kind regards /// Jürgen Reply to this post

  • Travailleur autonome

    Posted by lynda Morin April 20 2017 1533hrs

    Bonjour ,
    J'ai le model de centrifuge MP32 de type 4 152
    Je cherche un filtre , à quel endroit je peus m'en procurer à Québec, Ville de Québec au Canada?

    Merci de votre attention

    Lynda Morin Reply to this post

  • Braun Lighters

    Posted by Patrick MONTANIER April 27 2017 1209hrs

    I have a large collection of Braun lighters (among other Braun stuff) I got thru my parents who worked for the Gillette Company.
    They are all new and most of them in their original packaging.

    Some of them still work 30 years later, some don't. I am trying very hard to refill them to see if there is any link issue but don't manage to
    complete the task.

    Any tip about the refilling (Mach2, Cylinder...)?

    Thanks Reply to this post


    Posted by Dean C. Smith May 11 2017 443hrs

    Is there more to this simple design?
    Is there a link between ROWI Reply to this post

  • Contact please

    Posted by James Kim June 8 2017 1908hrs

    I tried to contact you via email but I am getting a bounce. Can you tell me what is the best way to get in touch with you? Reply to this post

  • Where are you?!

    Posted by Dan Moscrop September 7 2017 1143hrs

    Peter, I bought an Audio One off you months ago and despite numerous texts and emails haven't heard back. It broke down almost immediately — you promised to fix anything that went wrong. I'm now a grand down with a beautiful looking ornament. Please contact me immediately. Reply to this post

    • Posted by Sarah September 10 2017 2053hrs

      Hi there. Did you get a response from Peter? I'm in a similar situation to you... Thanks. Reply to this post