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  • Braun L40 Speaker

    Posted by Jude October 4 2017 1546hrs


    I'm looking for a pair of the L40 speakers with mint condition.

    If you have one, feel free to email me.


    Best regards. Reply to this post

  • Braun PCS 52 with SME 3009

    Posted by Vladimir Selivanov January 10 2017 1624hrs


    I have a vintage Braun PCS 52 with SME 3009 tonearm in a very good condition: absolutely functional an requiring a bit of cosmetic work on the dust cover side.

    The unit is available for sale and is currently located in Brussels. Please let me know if you are interested.

    Kind regards,
    Vladimir Reply to this post

    • Posted by Wouter August 7 2017 1503hrs


      I would be interested in your PCS 52, are you still having it for sale? Reply to this post

  • braun ps420

    Posted by huat lim May 16 2016 1530hrs

    does anyone know how to fux a noisy motor on a braun ps420 apparently a mechanical noise not an electrical fault as when holding the spindle firmly with a finger the noise appears to momentarily disappear. thank you. Reply to this post

  • AW10 Watch to sale

    Posted by Joe Attala February 2 2016 2230hrs

    Hello All!

    I have an AW10 watch to sale, working, new, in its original box.
    Anyone interested?


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    • Posted by Silvia September 7 2016 1343hrs

      Hi Joe,

      I'm interested, please reach out to me if still available at my email .

      Have a nice day,

      SS Reply to this post

  • ps500 acrylic cover

    Posted by huatlim September 30 2015 1805hrs

    looking for a brand new looking or clean acrylic cover for the ps430/500 if anyone has a spare or replacement. send me an email i can pick up. thank you. Reply to this post

  • Replacement HL 70 Fan Shroud

    Posted by Chris March 15 2015 138hrs

    I just purchased a used HL 70 desk fan for my girlfriend. It looks perfect in the pics except for a crack in the clear plastic fan shroud.

    Is there a source to purchase a replacement?

    Thank you!

    Chris Reply to this post

  • LCD Watch DW30 for sale

    Posted by Martin January 7 2014 1959hrs

    I have a DW30 for sale. It's not working anymore. Anyone interested? Reply to this post

    • Posted by Bernard Wen March 12 2015 336hrs

      Im interested, please can you email me at with description, etc. Thanks Reply to this post

    • Posted by Tom February 26 2015 1309hrs

      Hello from Wiesbaden,

      whats your Price and how ist the watch looking for, do you know why she doesnt work ?

      Tom Reply to this post

  • looking for a replacement headshell for my PS500/1000 turntable

    Posted by dfmb November 7 2013 1825hrs

    does anyone have a spare headshell for a PS500 or PS1000 turntable? (they're interchangable I understand)
    Please let me know if you can help. Reply to this post

    • Posted by huatlim September 23 2015 1950hrs

      the ps500/1000 takes most modern headshells. quality original braun headshells are sold liberally in ebay. if you cannot find one you should try other headshells by lenco or goldring. same fit. Reply to this post

  • AW 50 T Wristwatch, Titan Ceramic, NIB

    Posted by Peter Sauer August 24 2012 1858hrs

    Greetings all!
    Offering a AW 50 T , Titan Ceramic wristwatch, new, in its original box. Southern Spain area, insured international shipping considered, open for reasonable offers. Reply to this post

    • Posted by Arnaud January 13 2013 2244hrs

      I'm a watch enthusiast especially about Braun ones.
      What would be your offer on the AW 50 ?
      Arnaud Reply to this post

  • Alarm Clock Help

    Posted by Jant August 20 2012 248hrs


    My black AB 2 has been missing the outer part of its alarm button for quite some time.

    I can't get it from Braun's website; would anyone happen to have a spare, or know where I can get one? Reply to this post

  • HL1 Repair

    Posted by HL1 May 21 2012 2222hrs

    Does anyone know if there are special tools, and/or schematics available for the proper repair of the Braun HL 1 Multiwind Fan?

    Brian Reply to this post

    • Posted by Josh October 17 2013 133hrs

      Did you happen to find any info on repairing the HL 1? If so, I'd like to see it too.. so far I've only found this disassembly description which at least illuminates where the first screw is hidden.

      "It's not hard to take it apart, putting it back together is the tricky part. But, you don't need to take it completely apart to clean it. To clean it is very easy. To get the case off you have to pry out the plastic cap on the right side of the case and remove that screw, then pull the case off, the cord will bind up in the little rubber protector thing, but once the motor is exposed you can just have at it with compressed air and oil. Should be a snap, but getting the plastic cap off can be tough (I've had 3 of these, 2 were a pain, the one I have now had no plastic cap) you might ding up the cap or the case. Use something sharp and strong to pop it out. I'd recommend some contact cleaner on the switch mechanism too, these things are OLD and you can get lots of black crap on the switch contacts. When you put it back together make sure the switch on the motor and the switch mechanism on the case line up.

      Step 2, there will be either one or two set screws on the fan blade housing between the blade and motor housing. loosen those to remove the blade, if the blade will not come straight off, STOP! you might wreck it, instead just have at it again with compressed air and an oiler with a long metal tip so you can get some oil in that bearing. I cannot get a clear picture of this, I apologize.

      taking apart and putting back together entirely requires patience and bad language, if you lose one tiny part everything will be off centre and not work nearly as well, the blade might rub on the cowl, etc. I used to fix small appliances for a living, so it wasn't too tough of a job for me, just go slow and take pictures as you go so you know what order to put things in.


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    • Posted by Peter August 24 2012 2344hrs

      Would be v. interested in getting hold of this info. Please let me know if you find anything:
      Peter Reply to this post

  • repairing clock

    Posted by Dylan Davis July 26 2011 2228hrs

    I have a type 4861 wall clock that is not working. Can anyone advise on how to remove the face and access the working mechanism to repair or replace it?

    Thank you. Reply to this post

  • TS-2

    Posted by Chris Robins May 3 2011 2320hrs

    Greetings All! Have a TS-2 in need of a new original speaker cloth.Would appreciate any suggestions on where to find??Thank's in advance. Reply to this post

  • Repairing a T1000

    Posted by Mason Wells April 16 2011 731hrs

    Can anyone advise on repairing my T1000. I need to replace an aerial and the transformer that allows it to run off the mains has stopped working. Also have a TP1 that needs similar attention.

    Mason Reply to this post

    • Posted by Peter April 16 2011 737hrs

      Hi Mason, I may be able to assist with the T 1000 ariel. Is it the tall one on the left, or one of the two on the right that you need?
      Peter Reply to this post

      • Posted by Mason April 17 2011 942hrs

        Hi Peter – Thanks for the reply. Great site! I think we spoke at Mid-Century Modern.

        As for the T1000 – Its the large aerial on the left. I have no idea on how to re-attach either. Do you know anyone good at repairing radios?

        Mason Reply to this post

        • Posted by Peter April 17 2011 1720hrs

          Hi Mason,
          yes, I remember we did speak briefly at Dulwich - a while ago and I'm embarrassed to say that we're still not finished putting Das Programm together... The larger T 1000 arial screws into a bracket from the base. Perhaps you're missing that too? I've got a spare. If you want to buy it, I'll think on a price. But if you've got some interesting printed material, I'd be happier doing a swap. Mail me at cheers, Peter Reply to this post

  • Braun SK 4/1

    Posted by John Porter April 14 2011 2315hrs

    I have a Braun SK 4/1Phonosuper which I purchased in Germany in 1956. Is anyone interested in making an offer? I can supply photograph if you e-mail me. Reply to this post

    • Posted by Matt Sherman June 11 2013 203hrs

      Hi There - I know this is a very long shot as the post is almost 2 years old but i would be very interested in your Braun SK4 if you still have it available.

      Matt. Reply to this post

  • SK 5 chassis offered

    Posted by Ron April 14 2011 1056hrs

    Very nice looking site! Looks like work is still being done. Some prices would be useful...
    I have an SK 5 chassis for sale or swap. London area but post abroad considered. Graphics on top all complete but paint not good on front face. Price negotiable. Reply to this post

    • Posted by Dennis Pahanic October 20 2015 1538hrs

      I am interested in your SK 5 on the long shot that you still have it. Please reply either way. Reply to this post