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  • Braun KF20 / 21(?) typ 4 051

    Posted by Cici February 7 2016 1943hrs

    Hi after 5 years of service ( or probably 45 years altogether) my coffee maker suddenly died; this type has 2 heating elements and while the carafe warmer still heats up, the brewing circuit is dead without obvious damage; I am in London and would love to hear about any vintage electrical repair workshops close to me I could try to contact(?) otherwise, I would be happy to ship as well..
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  • ps430 noise

    Posted by huat lim August 6 2015 558hrs

    please advise what to do for rumble noise on ps430 plattenspieler was told to adjust damper springs under motor. thank you. Reply to this post

  • Turning speed on my PCS 5

    Posted by DmitrijsK August 27 2014 2129hrs

    Can anyone please enlighten me:

    I bought a Braun PCS 5 with some signs of being in the garage for last 10 Years, but after cleaning, oiling and new belt it runs just perfect, except one thing. It is slightly overspeed. there is no pitch control, all parts look original, the electricity in my house in Berlin is just the way it should be. I struggle to find what can be the problem.

    Also I would like to add it is overspeed on all possible speeds, so I guess things like belt is wrong size are not the case.

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  • Logo label, sticker for ps400

    Posted by Xander Quentin A December 27 2013 1848hrs

    It would be so awesome if could help me out with or point me in the right direction to get a original or after market Braun label, sticker of logo for on my restored ps400.

    Many thanks in advance.

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    • Posted by huat lim August 6 2015 600hrs

      where did you restore the ps400? if you have issues with ps500 i believe there are engineers to fux problems for rumble or speed issues. Reply to this post

  • SK55 Repair

    Posted by Scott November 29 2013 1619hrs

    I have an SK55 Phonosuper however the turntable is not working properly. Does anyone know of a good (reasonably priced) repair workshop in or around London ? Thanks. Reply to this post

  • HL 70 base spare

    Posted by Sam August 24 2012 2348hrs

    the base of my HL 70 has a spit. Anyone with a spare for sale? Reply to this post

  • HL1 Repair

    Posted by Brian May 21 2012 2227hrs

    Does anyone know if there are special tools, and/or schematics available for the proper repair of the Braun HL 1 Multiwind Fan?

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    • Posted by Peter kapos August 24 2012 2346hrs

      Would be v. interested in getting hold of this info. Please let me know if you find anything:
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  • Braun T 1000 repair Perth Australia

    Posted by Gill Albert January 30 2012 1035hrs

    Hi, I live in Perth, Australia. I am searching for someone nearby who may be able to help me fix my T 1000 World Receiver - the band switcher on the side has seized up and the on/off flip switch is about to cease altogether. I need advise too on how to rig up an aerial and dare I say, am a bit on the 'vintage-side' myself so not too sure how to do it.
    kind regards,
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