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  • Braun T4, T31, T41 rarity differences

    Posted by David September 19 2015 1945hrs

    I'm a Braun collector that is looking for a T41 radio. They seem to be more rare than the others? Is this true?
    Ironically, I have collected two TP1's and two TP2's. I'd be willing to do a partial trade on one of the TP2's for a T41 if anyone is interested.
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  • Braun E300 - 3063

    Posted by Piotr October 28 2012 1440hrs

    Hello! Do you have any info about Braun coffee machine e300 type 3063? Who designed it and when? Couldn't find anything on the internet. Best regards,
    Piotr Reply to this post

  • Braun AB1

    Posted by Dagonet September 29 2011 800hrs

    Any chance you will have Braun AB1 alarm clocks in stock as well? Reply to this post

  • Braun re-issues?

    Posted by Martin April 19 2011 938hrs

    Anyone know anything about the new range of Braun watches that have started appearing on the design blogs? Are they re-issues of original Braun designs? Are any of them Dieter Rams? Any plans to reissue other old-school Braun products? Reply to this post

    • Posted by Brian May 21 2012 2226hrs

      They are new models and re-issues both. They have even done a pretty excellent job of re-manufacturing the Braun DW 30!! The packaging is not nearly as nice in my opinion, but the watches themselves are really very well done. Reply to this post

    • Posted by Robin April 23 2011 959hrs

      they're all new designs. Haven't been able to find out who's designed them though. Going on the look, seems unlikely that any are Lubs... Reply to this post