602 easy chair

Dieter Rams


Vitsoe 602 easy chair

Although produced in numerous variations, Rams' 601/ 602 design (originally issued as the RZ 60) had two fundamental modes. Either the fibreglass shell was painted and fitted with a striated cushion, or it was entirely upholstered.

Arguably, the 601 design produces a more technical appearance: shell, leg supports and seat are clearly articulated as separate elements. Details such as striated bold coloured upholstery, a textured matt paint finish on the legs, fluting within the leg and the expression of casting seams reinforce the chair's presentation of a tightly coordinated grouping. The fully  upholstered 602 design has a more reduced aspect. Complete covering of the shell limits the play of elements to two: at the level of material - the conjunction of satin finished aluminium with plush upholstery, at the level of function - seat and support. Overall, the tone is both more domestic and, in the most understated terms, of course, more luxurious. Never produced in numbers large enough to be economically viable, the 601 / 602 has long been out of production. The last models were made to order until the early 1980's. An admirable commitment to the Vitsoe programm, as then was, this set the company on course for bankruptcy, only averted by a change of management and subsequent restriction of the extensive programm to the 606 and 620 designs.

Dimensions: width 60 cm / seat height 30 cm / back height 68cm from floor

Condition: The chair is offered in very good vintage condition. The legs show a few areas of light scratching. Upholstery is generally in good order - a little worn and slightly faded around the corners, with one small hole on the leading edge of the front left corner, only visible on close inspection. Overall the chair is highly presentable. Please contact us for further images and a full condition report.

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