Neubau B121 series #1

for systems 2013

Stefan Gandl + Benjamin Ganz

Neubau B121 series #1

Available to purchase as an A0 print, archival ink on 200gsm matt paper. Produced in an edition of 150. Also available as part of cased collection of the 13 prints in the NeuBau for systems 121 series.

price: £55 + shipping


Neubau’s “Braun 121” Series focuses on the shape of Braun products and presents them in its original size on DINA0.
The poster series include iconic Dieter Rams items like T 1000 (1963, 360x300mm), L 1 (1959, 430x720mm), LE 1 (1959, 830x760mm), T 3 (1958, 150x83mm), T 41 (1962, 150x82mm), TP 1 (1959, 153×234.5mm), CET 15 (1963, 200x110mm), HLD 4, (1970, 141x50mm), ET 66 control (1987, 78x138mm), ABR 21 signal radio (1978, 180x115mm) and KMM 2 aromatic (1969, 120x185mm).

Note: By mounting two LE 1 speaker posters collectors will be able to create a visual stereo effect.

about the systems print collection:

Thirty-four leading graphic designers and studios were invited to produce a poster design on the theme of Braun systems design. From repetition and development to nostalgia and critique, the diversity of response to the systems brief offers a snapshot of the international graphic design scene at a fascinating juncture, one in which the legacy of modernist graphic design appears with renewed but uncertain relevance. At the same time, systems samples some of the best and most challenging work currently being produced.

The systems collection is curated by das programm and produced in association with Braun.