Kyungsun Kymn

Seoul 2014

for systems14

Kyungsun Kymn

Available to purchase as an A1 print, archival ink on 200gsm matt paper. Produced in an edition of 150. Also available as part of cased collection of the 24 prints in the systems series.

price: £35 + shipping

designer's rationale:

From the speaker holes of the 1959 T4 radio I imagined a cosmos of absolute shapes. Our design used only Akzidenz Grotesk. But simultaneously, the cosmos of absolutes is constructed of 131 different full stops from 131 different typefaces that were designed from 1955 to 1997 while Dieter Rams worked at Braun.

about the systems14 print collection:

Twenty-four Asia based designers and studios were invited to produce A0 poster designs on the theme of Braun Design.

Apart from format and the requirement to communicate the exhibition date and location, the brief was left as open as possible. The idea was to gather an informal survey of Eastern views on mid 20th century European modernism. Designs were submitted from places as far apart and culturally distinct as South Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, Thailand and Malaysia. The extraordinary array of responses suggests renewed lines of approach to a tradition that, in the West at least, remains as attractive as it does problematic.

systems is a project jointly curated by das programm and systems, produced in association with Braun.